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    You are not alone.

    I've gone this way before. In the light of day, in the dark of night. It's different every time, but also the same. There is much to be lost. There is much to be gained.

    Come, walk with me.

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"Anna and her music are one and the same. Both are genuine. Both are honest. Both are irresistible. You'll love the simple and true emotion of her songs, her spare instrumentation and the plaintive clarity of her vocals. As a bonus, if you get the chance to see her perform live and to chat with her, you'll love her, too. 'Umbrella' is contemplative and reflective - it's best listened to when you feel the same way, maybe with a glass of good wine. Treat yourself!"

Al Kniola, The Back Porch, 88.1 WVPE Public Radio

Upcoming Shows

4/18 | Anna p.s. - Live in Hays Kansas

Location: Gella's Diner and Lb Brewing, Hays, Kansas map

Time: 8:00p

4/19 | Live at The Merc

Location: Mercantile Tavern, Jamestown, Colorado map

Time: 6:00p

4/20 | Brunch music at The Stone Cup

Location: The Stone Cup, Lyons, Colorado map

Time: 10:00a

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