Life is full of difficulty. Loved ones leave us for other worlds, hearts are broken, and there is never enough ( ). I offer my umbrella to you to stand under until the day the rain passes by and we’re left with sunny skies.

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Upcoming Shows

10/24 | GBCO with Jon Shain

Location: Goshen Brewing Company, Goshen, Indiana map

Time: 7:00p

10/25 | Folk Alliance Region Midwest Conference

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan map

Time: 8:00p

11/01 | Live at Gabe's

Location: Gabe's, Iowa City, Iowa map

Time: 8:00p

11/07 | Live at The Laughing Goat

Location: The Laughing Goat, Boulder, Colorado map

Time: 8:00p

11/10 | Live at The Brew on Broadway

Location: The Brew on Broadway, Englewood, Colorado map

Time: 7:00p

11/11 | Live at The Stone Cup

Location: The Stone Cup, Lyons, Colorado map

Time: 10:00a

11/15 | Live at Gella's Diner & Lb. Brewing

Location: Gella's Diner and Lb Brewing, Hays, Kansas map

Time: 8:00p

11/17 | Live at Evangeline's

Location: Evangeline's Bistro and Music House, St. Louis, Missouri map

Time: 7:00p

12/07 | Live at Vines and Rushes

Location: Vines and Rushes, Ripon, Wisconsin map

Time: 5:30p

12/08 | Wisconsin Tour - Spats Restaurant

Location: Spats Restaurant, Appleton, Wisconsin map

Time: 8:00p

12/15 | Upstate NY Tour - Funk 'n' Waffles

Location: Funk 'n' Waffles, Syracuse, NY map

Time: 6:00p

12/16 | Sunday Session at the Daily Refresher

Location: The Daily Refresher, Rochester, New York map

Time: 5:00p

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Past Shows

10/22 | Rubbles Acoustic Monday Music Night

Location: Rubbles Bar, Mount Pleasant, Michigan map

Time: 9:00p

10/20 | Live at Highland Blush Performance Lounge

Location: Highland Blush Performance Lounge, Alma, Michigan map

Time: 7:00p

10/19 | Live at Blue Owl Coffee

Location: Blue Owl Coffee, Lansing, Michigan map

Time: 7:30p

10/18 | Live at the Blue Shamrock

Location: The Blue Shamrock Pub, St. Louis, MI map

Time: 6:30p

10/12 | Dandelion Seed Collective - Conference

Location: Chouse, Goshen, Indiana map

Time: 8:00p

10/12 | Homebody House Concert Festival

Location: 921 W Washington Street, South Bend, Indiana map

Time: 7:15p

10/06 | Live at Warehouse Taproom

Location: Warehouse Taproom, Hagerstown, Maryland map

Time: 7:00p

10/05 | Live at Abolitionist Ale Works

Location: Abolitionist Ale Works, Charlestown, WV map

Time: 8:00p

10/04 | Live at Spring Gate Vineyard

Location: Spring Gate Vineyard, Harrisburg, PA map

Time: 6:00p

10/01 | Teavolve Cafe and Lounge - Open Mic Feature

Location: Teavolve Cafe and Lounge, Baltimore, MD map

Time: 6:30p

9/30 | Live at The Parrot

Location: The Parrot, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania map

Time: 6:30p

9/27 | Sofar Sounds Secret House Show

Location: Shaw, D.C. map

Time: 7:00p

9/22 | Live at the Inn

Location: Inn at Versailles, Versailles, Ohio map

Time: 6:00p

9/22 | Velocity Bike and Bean

Location: Velocity Bike and Bean, Florence, Kentucky map

Time: 10:00a

9/20 | Live at Blind Bobs - Other artists TBD

Location: Blind Bob's Bar, Dayton, Ohio map

Time: 8:00p